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Call for speakers for the 2013 NPD World Tour Conference
If you would like to participate as a keynote presenter, panelist, or roundtable moderator, please contact the Content Director with your contact details and topic of interest at:

Thomas Igou, Content Director
Phone: +46 8 50 25 5239


The conference was especially good … (because) I
developed several ideas up to at least concept generation phase.

Vittorio Brovedani, Robot & Electronic Platform Manager, GGP Italy


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A note from the editor

New Product Development is at the core of any manufacturing organization. To remain sustainable and competitive, companies are pressured by top management, customers and competitors to continuously develop new products with the aim to capture new market shares.

It is clear from delegate feedback at our previous events that there is a common end goal (shortening time to market) but there is no silver bullet to get there. However, there is a couple of pressing issues and new tools available.

It’s essential to remind that products are developed to provide solutions to a customer’s challenge or need, whether it be a car, food, or power generator. This leads to the main challenge of organizations: understanding the voice of the customer, or in other words, capturing value. There is no need to be innovative if the innovation has no value in the eye of the customer. One tool to accomplish this is of course to develop a company’s innovation network, and to work closer with customers. At our last event, there were many talks surrounding crowdsourcing. Although it is perceived as mainly consumer-oriented, it was quite interesting to notice many b2b organizations taking a keen look at it to see the potential.

Another factor that stood out to me was the process. Most organizations currently have a process in place, and constantly try to optimize it through different tools. These tools are there to make it more efficient, lower costs, increase collaboration, manage risk, and many other important KPIs. However, it seems that a successful process can only be achieved if there is a clear desire for transparency. NPD involves so many different departments, encounters so many stage gates, that without transparency, the process is doomed to fail. What are your pressing issues for the year, and how will you overcome them? What are your pressing issues for the year?

Thomas Igou, The Editor

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