Lean Product Development Short Course

WHEN November 26-27 09:00
WHERE Stockholm, Sweden Hotel Birger Jarl

Copperberg Masterclass - Lean Product Development Short Course with Dr. Ahmed Al-Ashaab from Cranfield University


Course brief

This course provides the fundamental concepts and working knowledge on Lean Product Development principles, tools, techniques and applications in order to enhance productivity and innovation. The course covers DFMA, SBCE, lean knowledge life cycle, A3 thinking for design problem-solving, trade-o. curves and performance measurement. Throughout this interactive course you will apply the learning outcomes on ‘real’ industrial design and product development exercises and learn from the experiences of several industrial case-studies.

Course outcomes and objectives

On successful completion of this short course you will be able to:
  1. Understand key deference between traditional and lean product development
  2. Understand and apply lean thinking methodology
  3. Evaluate and critically assess current and future level of lean practices in an organisation
  4. Improve innovation through implementation of set-based concurrent engineering
  5. Understand and apply design for manufacturing and assembly methods
  6. Understand and apply A3 thinking for design problem-solving
  7. Understand and apply lean knowledge life-cycle approach to systematically capture, re-use and create knowledge in product development
  8. Understand and apply trade-off curves to visualise PD knowledge and generate a set of conceptual solutions
  9. Introduce LeanPD practices in your organisation

Who should attend

Product development and design professionals, continuous improvement managers, business managers and project managers.

Instructor biography

Dr. AHMED AL-ASHAAB (Cranfield University) Dr. Al-Ashaab is the technical coordinator of the LeanPPD project and leading the LeanPPD Research Group at Cranfield University. Dr. Al-Ashaab is Reader in Lean Product Development at the Manufacturing Department of Cranfield University. Dr. Al-Ashaab has been an active researcher in the areas of collaborative product development, concurrent engineering, knowledge-based engineering, lean product development and performance measurement. His research projects have a strong focus on industrial applications. The research carrier started after he obtained his PhD from Loughborough University in 1994. He then worked at ITESM Campus Monterrey in Mexico from 1994 to 2000 where 50% of his time was spent working with Mexican Industry in applied research. At Cranfield University, He is the Course Director of MSc programme on Knowledge Management for Innovation. He has 21 years of teaching experience in UK, Mexico, Colombia and France. Dr Ahmed Al-Ashaab is the author/co-author of more than 55 research papers published in major international journals and internationally refereed conferences. He has supervised over 60 Masters and Doctoral theses. Dr. Al-Ashaab is a member of the ISPE Board and the organisation committee of the CE20xx series of conferences. He has been an active peer reviewer for research councils in UK, Norway, Netherlands and Korea as well as several international journals. He has been working with arrange of companies including Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Visteon, GETRAG, Sitech, VW, CEMEX, Lotus Engineering, Caltec and Paxton.

drahmedalashaabDr. Ahmed Al-Ashaab - Reader in Lean Product Development

Tel: +44 (0) 1234 750 111 Ext 5622, Mobile: +44(0)7 877 630 724, Email: a.al-ashaab@cranfield.ac.uk Manufacturing Department, Cranfield University, Cranfield, MK43 0AL, UK

shortcourseleanproductdevelopmentDownload the agenda for the Short Course Lean Product Development as a PDF file:  Short Course - Lean Product Development.pdf

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